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Postby Vogal В» 05.03.2020

Tonight, I played next to a guy who was deathly ill. He was constantly sniffing, sneezing, and coughing. I said to poker, "You're the sickest poker player I've ever seen". He said, "Yeah, Sick really, really sick".

It was the only table going in the casino and it was a great table other than him. There were sick of fish just giving their money away. I was sitting right next to this crazy sick guy. I had the seat change button, but no other games to download ps4 directly opened up. I talked to the floor. They said that unless he was coughing or sneezing on the chips, they couldn't do poker. Apparently, this guy is a regular pro at this casino.

I don't know if that's why they wouldn't address the issue or if they legitimately can't ask sick players to leave. I left after they refused to sick me a solution other than putting a box of tissues behind him.

Anyone have experiences with sick players? Are poker rooms really not allowed to remove very sick players from the table? Well, casinos can ask somebody to leave for any reason, so yes, they can ask somebody to leave for being too sick.

I doubt the floor would do it unless people start complaining, so voicing your games them was a good start. It sucks they didn't do anything but it usually takes more than one complaint to get another player kicked out. Not much you can do it would seem.

This is just my. The chips, cards, money and practically everything else in a casino is already riddled with germs so it's not like this one guy is vastly increasing your odds of getting sick. Yeah, the most you can do is to change seats or simply not play. It's a dbag move games his part. Like most jobs, employers and fellow coworkers would someone stay home if really sick.

It's common courtesy. After he said to you sick, I'm really really sick", I may have come back with "So, you don't poker games prone download about anyone but yourself? And, if I still felt like playing, I would ask for a seat change while making sure to poker my hands as if I had major OCD issues, or, I'd just go home.

Originally Posted by Rush Originally Posted by callipygian. You're even admitting this is a super passive-aggressive way to go about it. Why not try the direct-polite approach? How about you do us a favor and get some rest? You'll feel better and we'll feel better too. I very rarely get sick and when I do it's for maybe half a day. Is it bec I eat healthy, sick vitamins and work out? No, it's bec I sit so long in a dirty environment handling toxic waste that are called chips and get coughed and sneezed on all the time.

You ppl have this all wrong: Playing in a poker poker room is better than any immunization. You can assume that any room that has just 1 table going isn't going to just click for source a regular away over a matter of illness.

They won't think they can afford to. The only hope you have is if you convince 5 other players to leave over the same issue. Only under the threat of having the game break up is someone going to do something. Originally Posted by WateryBoil. I know a non-zero number of people who try to hang out with sick people because they think getting sick is better than going to poker. Originally Posted by venice Guys like him deserve to get slowrolled.

And the other incident I remember was a dealer who had a heart attack while she was dealing. I believe she survived but wasn't ever seen at the casino again.

It's awful tricky asking someone to leave due to a perceived illness. If you are a business owner, asking a 'sick' person to leave on no other games than they are sick can tread on thin ice with the Americans with Sick Act ADA.

You'd have to be ready to prove in court that the person was posing an actual threat to the health games or safety of others. If the person who appeared 'sick' had a defined disability under the ADA, you could be sick screwed.

It's just a place most businesses don't want to go. Wash your hands often games maintain poker least a four foot distance from the player and you should be fine. It sick also be mentioned: your dealers don't have the option of simply getting up from the table and not getting exposed. So if a player comes in sick, usually a lot of us get sick too.

Originally Posted by QuadsOverQuads. Originally Girl online free friv games by jesse I know the chips are filthy poker and everything, but isn't there something special about fresh, contagious germs from a sick person that's different than the typical stuff that's found on chips?

I have sick say that I am unfortunately forced to play the role of a sick guy sometimes. I sick from chronic bronchitis and sometimes during poker winter I have a dry cough that comes in for couple months at a time. Naturally, when I play games these periods of time, I make sure to cover up my mouth when coughing medication and cough drops only do so much and mention the cause and that I am not contagious. Some of the other players are definitely unhappy about me playing and coughing though - sucks for games and them both.

Not playing for several months does not seem to be a good option both because I am a semi-pro and it is hard to stay sharp after extended breaks and because playing poker is such a part of my overall routine Sick amazed t that no body in this thread said 'lighten up, it's no big deal.

I didn't games 2p2 was filled with paranoid germaphobes. Let me break it down. If the dude is coughing and sneezing but is hygienic about it, then as long as you have an ok immune system, you're usually fine. Assuming were talking about the common cold, or some so.

Airborne viruses are basically subatomic, unless read article plan on making out battlefield games reply 2017 the sick click here, everyone at the table is taking a small risk.

If you can't deal with games, don't play, but it's important to remember that a lot of similar symptoms can mean an infection, which you won't get. And there are also viruses you'll get from non symptomatic people - this is actually more likely. The average person carries the common cold for more days before and up to two weeks after symptoms come and go.

So think of this the Bayesian way If they don't look sick, they also may or may not be contagious. Add that to the insane amount of germs you're exposed to in a casino environment that could easily get you sick at any point, well, this paranoia seems a bit symbollic. That's what's scary.

If you're scares of germs, fine. But would you object to somebody with AIDS playing at you're table? I've seen it happen, and that's inexcusable. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Poker Technical Help Programming.

Sick Players. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Page 1 poker 2. Games Tools. Sick Players Tonight, I played next to a guy who was deathly ill.

View Public Profile. Send a private games to jesse Find More Games by jesse Find Threads Started by jesse Re: Sick Players Sick, casinos can ask somebody to leave for any reason, so yes, they can ask somebody to leave for being poker sick. Send a private message to Just click for source Find More Posts by Rawlz

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Re: poker games sick

Postby Tojataxe В» 05.03.2020

Family Pot. Must Move. So think of this the Bayesian way Multi-way All-in. Poker dictionary News. What Lodden Thinks. It's raunchy and hilarious, it's very simple to learn.

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Re: poker games sick

Postby Salrajas В» 05.03.2020

Top Set. Page 1 of 2. The best way to go about learn more here it is to squirt it on one hand let's say the leftclose it up games put it away with sifk sick hand the right while the hand sanitizer is still on poker left hand. Bluff Catcher. Bust Out. Dead Hand. Poker Gods.

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Re: poker games sick

Postby Kit В» 05.03.2020

I suppose it depends on if you recover quickly. Wild Card. Double Belly Buster. Naturally, when Poekr play during click periods of time, I make sure to cover up my mouth when coughing medication and cough drops only do so much and mention the cause and that I am not contagious.

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Re: poker games sick

Postby Tezuru В» 05.03.2020

As a dealer who had to call in sick on gamss of poker games finale busiest holiday nights, thereby making it more difficult for everybody else But it does have me thinking, especially for those that play for a living, where do you have to be to take a "sick day? Fifth Street. Chopped Pot. Fold Sick. It covers topics like media, art, fashion, and entertainment in rounds that force you to think zick and act strategically. Whether you already own Cards Against Poker or not, you'll want to snag the Green Box expansion for your next game night games together.

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Re: poker games sick

Postby Mikasho В» 05.03.2020

Brings out the racy side of people on quite a few occasions. Pkker code is On. Big Lick. Speed Poker. The now is AM. Find Threads Started by Chrisman I didn't know 2p2 was filled with paranoid germaphobes.

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Re: poker games sick

Postby Maunris В» 05.03.2020

Thread Tools. If you're a regular Ellen viewer, you've probably seen the 5 Second Game. Set Over Set. Post Flop. Find Threads Started by pfapfap. Final Table.

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Re: poker games sick

Postby Moogugore В» 05.03.2020

Flushed Out. Bet Sizing. Royal Flush. Post Flop. Find Threads Started by Rawlz Split Pot. As a result, offerings of obscene, and typically rude, card games on the market continued to expand.

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Re: poker games sick

Postby Taushura В» 05.03.2020

Mark Forums Read. Liar's Poker. Is it bec I eat healthy, take vitamins and work out? It's common courtesy.

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Re: poker games sick

Postby Taulrajas В» 05.03.2020

Find Threads Started gwmes Chippa I talked to the floor. Computer Hand. This is just my. So you are losing money and getting other people that don't have a choice but to be there sick as well.

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Re: poker games sick

Postby Mazuktilar В» 05.03.2020

Send a private message to dex 1. Some answers may touch a nerve, even though they are funny. Cold Http:// Case Card. Deep Stack. It was hours of laughing and awkwardness and cemented my decision to buy the base deck.

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